Apple Juicing 2020

If anyone has early apples that are ready, then juicing could start in the village hall on Saturday 22nd August. This will probably be for just the weekend, and then we will start again in September for a couple of weeks and do more in October.

Contact Jill and David on 01288331493 or

It is fantastic that Welcombe Horticultural Society have generously funded a good deal of new equipment including a new pasteuriser, as the previous one died after many years of hard labour.

This year juicing will need to be on a slightly altered and reduced scale. Sadly there won’t be the facility for people to do their own ,though we are more than happy to do it for them.

We have a few requests that we hope will cut down the hours we spend up in the hall! Last year a great deal of time was taken up with washing and sorting apples:

  • Please can you bring only picked apples, or really good, clean windfalls which may need to be washed just before you bring them and we will process them pretty well on arrival.

  • Please put your name on the bags of apples and bottles

  • No rotting fruit, mud, leaves, twigs, slugs or other flora or fauna!

  • Tell us if you would like the pulp for your compost heaps, or pigs, and bring a container to take it home in.

  • Please, please wash all the cobwebs and dust off your old bottles and remove any sediment from inside before you bring them.

We are hoping to use only your recycled bottles, and screw top wine bottles are fine. The recycling bins of holiday lets are an excellent source of these I find! If anyone has any that they can donate then we would be very grateful.