Quiz - 19th May 2020

Here are the rounds from the Welcombe online quiz held on 5th May 2020. Each round is either a presentation or video. For presentations:

  • on computers, click the presentation to move forward to the next question. More controls are in the bottom left of the presentation.

  • on mobile, click the presentation and it will open in a next browser tab. Tap the presentation to move forward a question. Rotate your screen to landscape mode to see it more clearly.

Round 1 Questions - General Knowledge

R1 - General Knowledge

Round 1 Answers - General Knowledge

A1 - General Knowledge

Round 2 Questions - Tour of Britain - Thanks to Mick for this round!

R2 - Tour of Britain

Round 2 Answers - Tour of Britain

A2 - Tour of Britain

Round 3 Questions - Reel Animals - Thanks to Chris and Lydia for this round!

R3 - Reel Animals

Round 3 Answers - Reel Animals

A3 - Reel Animals

Round 4 Questions - Playtime

R4 - Playtime

Round 4 Answers - Playtime

A4 - Playtime

Round 5 Questions - Welcombe, Welcome - Thanks to Pete and Kirstie for this round!

R5 - Welcombe, Welcome

Round 5 Answers - Welcombe, Welcome

A5 - Welcombe, Welcome

Round 6 Questions - Shipwrecked

R6 - Shipwrecked

Round 6 Answers - Shipwrecked

A6 - Shipwrecked