1842 Tithe Map

Tithe Map

Below is the 1842 Tithe survey map overlaid on the current Google satellite map to show compare the fields and properties of 1842 with those today.

Back in 1842, Welcombe House was still an empty field. Locals drank at The Blue Fox behind the Church. The village had two Smithys - one at Darracott and one in Linton. The village had 39 properties or groups of properties. Around 28 remain today. The village was made up of predominantly of 18 'estates' which became the basis of the 8 hamlets we know today.

Over the coming weeks more information will be published providing more detail on the estates, hamlets and properties in 1841.

1st October 2018

Using the Field Map

The map below shows all the fields and properties in the 1842 tithe survey. Above the map is a menu bar - the icon on the far left reveals a panel where you can turn fields/properties in different hamlets on and off. The icon on the far right opens the map in a new window at a larger size. Zoom in and out using your mouse wheel or pinching (on mobile devices).

Click any field to see its name, owner, occupant, size and what it was used for in 1842. Click and circular icons to see more information about the property. This includes names of occupants from the 1841 census - some of this is guesswork, if you can verify any information please do! Green icons show properties that still remain, Red ones for those that have been lost through the years.